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UiO-66 and HKUST-1 Mixed-Matrix Membranes (MMMs)


Homogenous MOF-polymers with high MOF incorporation

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Metal Organic Frameworks


& Ligands for MOF Synthesis

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Proline Based Organocatalysts


Prolinamide organocatalyst plays increasing role in asymmetric synthesis

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Catalyze Your Reaction!


We’ve been offering a comprehensive array of products to support this exciting field since 1964!

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Strem Chemist Judges Local Science Fair


Pioneer Charter School of Science, 13th Annual Science and Engineering Fair

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Nanomaterials for R&D


We offer over 290 Nanomaterials!

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NESACS-GDCh Student Exchange Program (GEX), Visit Strem!


Student preparation for JCF Frühjahrssymposium 2020

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Catalysis & Chemistry, say no more!


Join us at the 21st NCCC, Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference

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Gator Nation Here We Come!


FloHet Conference 2020

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Molybdenum Alkylidene Catalysts for Z-selective Metathesis


Strem now offers XiMo metathesis catalysts

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Lanthanum and Lutetium Amidinate Precursors are Used to Grow Desirable High-k Ternary Oxides by Atomic Layer Deposition


High quality LaLuO3, ALD grown from Lanthanum and Lutetium amidinates, is an ideal gate dielectric to replace SiO2 in MOSFETs

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Biocatalysts and Immobilized Enzyme Kits from Purolite


Kits can be used for fast screening in process development with a wide selection of immobilized lipases and enzyme carriers for different applications

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Potassium Graphite Electrodes for Potassium Ion Batteries


Electrochemically intercalated potassium graphitic materials bring potassium ion batteries to a new level

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Specialty & Custom Chemicals America Conference


Y’all coming to Texas?

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Author of Strem Chemiker 31 article visits Strem!


Prof. Wenjun Tang delivers technical talk to Strem Chemists

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Chlorine-free titanium ALD precursor for leading edge semiconductor applications


TDMAT ALD precursor is an attractive alternative to TiCl4

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Redox Shuttles for Lithium Ion Batteries


Redox Shuttles Improve the Electrochemical Performance and Stability of Lithium-ion Batteries

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Visit us in Tel Aviv on January 21-22!

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Chiral Phosphoramidite Ligands for Asymmetric Synthesis


New ligands have been successfully tested in enantioselective conjugate addition

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SOCMA Recognizes Strem’s Commitment to Improving EHS&S


Strem Receives National Performance Award Honor

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Displaying 141 - 160 of 393 product blog entries
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