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Ascensus Product Range PDF Document

Ascensus Product Range Borohydrides | Boranes | Specialty Alcoholates | Boronic Acids & Esters | Alkali Metals

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Building a Pathway to Domestic API Production PDF Document

Building a Pathway to Domestic API Production Building a Pathway to Domestic API Production. Ascensus Specialties is one of the world's leading providers of specialty chemicals for a variety of industries.

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CalSelect® LT PDF Document

CalSelect® LT Ascensus CalSelect® LT 1.7M is a higher concentration super hydride, that offers high purity and a high degree of flexibility. It is available in quantities from kilograms to commercial volumes, to support the needs of our customers from lab-to-launch while ensuring consistent quality.

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CalSelect® Na PDF Document

CalSelect® Na The next generation of super hydride, also known as CALSELECT® Na, offers higher purity,
consistent quality, and a high degree of flexibility for your critical hydride chemistries.
CALSELECT® Na by Ascensus is available in quantities from kilograms to commercial
volumes to support your process from lab to launch.

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COLORCLEAR™ COLORCLEAR™ A Reducing Chemical to Improve Efficiency for Vat Dyes

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Deuteration in Pharmaceutical Applications PDF Document

Deuteration in Pharmaceutical Applications Ascensus portfolio includes sodium borodeuteride (NaBD4) and Calselect-NTD (NaTEBD) to precisely deuterate organic molecules. Ascensus deuterated reagents offer high percentage deuterium, consistent quality, and a high degree of flexibility. Ascensus’s deuterated reagents are available to support the needs of our customers from small to developmental quantities.

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GMP & Custom Synthesis PDF Document

GMP & Custom Synthesis Ascensus has over 35 years of experience in the development and synthesis of APIs, high-potency APIs, and late-stage intermediates.

Broad Technical Knowledge
Specialized High Pressure Production Equipment
Lab to Commercial Scale
Reliable Global Supply Chain
Custom Purity and Impurity Profiles
Dedicated GMP Suites

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GMP Water-Soluble Phosphines PDF Document

GMP Water-Soluble Phosphines Water-soluble phosphines have emerged as valuable ligands in palladium catalysis for organic synthesis, offering several advantages that contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of various chemical transformations. These phosphines contain hydrophilic groups, such as sulfonate or ammonium functionalities, which impart water solubility to the ligand while maintaining their coordinating ability to palladium.

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Intermediates Brochure PDF Document

Intermediates Brochure Advanced Intermediates & Building Blocks for APIs & Vaccines.

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Life Science Overview PDF Document

Life Science Overview Specialty Chemicals for Life Science

- High Performance Specialty Reagents
- GMP & Custom Synthesis
- Strem Catalog: Catalysts, Ligands, High-Purity Reagents
- Aromatic Building Blocks & Key Intermediates
- Metal Salts for Bioprocessing

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n-Butyllithium PDF Document

n-Butyllithium n-Butyllithium, often abbreviated as n-BuLi, is a highly reactive and versatile organometallic compound
primarily used in organic synthesis and as a powerful base in various chemical reactions. Its main utility lies in its ability to deprotonate weakly acidic compounds, making it a crucial tool in the field of organic chemistry. n-Butyllithium is commonly employed to initiate polymerization

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Specialty Applications PDF Document

Specialty Applications Specialty Chemical Overview

Sodium Borohydride, Liquid & Dry | Boranes for Adhesives | KOMe for Biodiesel and Runway Deicing Solutions | KTB, Potassium tert-butoxide | TMB for Solder Flux, Coating Applications | NaK for Surfactant alcohols | TEB for Ignition sources

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Strem Catalog Overview PDF Document

Strem Catalog Overview The Strem Catalog, part of Ascensus Specialties, provides researchers with specialty chemicals of high purity and quality. We serve clients in academia, industry, and government laboratories for pharmaceutical, microelectronic, chemical, and petrochemical applications.

Our broad portfolio of more than 6,000 products ensures we capture our customers’ needs. Our emphasis is on metals, inorganics, organometallics, and nanomaterials for both R&D and commercial applications.

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Trusted Solutions for Electronics Applications PDF Document

Trusted Solutions for Electronics Applications Ascensus offers an extensive portfolio for chemical vapor/atomic layer deposition (CVD/ALD)
precursors, reagents for OLED and LCD manufacturing, and production of germane and diborane
gas. Our expertise with cylinders and adapters for electronic applications plus our availability of
high-quality reagents in quantities rom kilograms to commercial volumes deliver unmatched service
for the Electronics industry.

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VENPURE Life Science Brochure PDF Document

VENPURE Life Science Brochure Essential products for demanding applications of synthetic chemistry.

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