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AntPhos and WingPhos Kit

Stability: air sensitive, store cold

This kit contains the following products:

Phosphorus › Compounds
15-1970 15-1970 (2R,2'R,3R,3'R)-4,4'-Di(anthracen-9-yl)-3,3'-di-t-butyl-2,
2',3,3'-tetrahydro-2,2'-bibenzo[d][1,3]oxaphosphole, min 98% (>90% ee), [(2R,2'R,3R,3'R)-WingPhos]
15-1975 15-1975 (2S,2'S,3S,3'S)-4,4'-Di(anthracen-9-yl)-3,3'-di-t-butyl-2,
2',3,3'-tetrahydro-2,2'-bibenzo[d][1,3]oxaphosphole, min 98%, (>99% ee), [(2S,2'S,3S,3'S)-WingPhos]

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Sold in collaboration with Zejun for research purposes only. Patents ZL201310020371.1, CN 201610056390.

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