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CAS Number: 1309760-94-8 Product Catalog

Titanium Hexakis[µ-(2-amino-1,4-benzenedicarboxylato)][tetra-µ-hydroxyocta-µ-oxooctatitanium], NH2-MIL-125(Ti), AYRSORB™ T125
CAS Number: 1309760-94-8
MDL Number:
Molecular Formula: C48H34N6O36Ti8
Formula Weight: 1653.74
Chemical Formula: C48H34N6O36Ti8
Color and Form: Yellow pwdr.
Note: Sold in collaboration with framergy for research purposes only. Patent: US 8,940,392 B2. This is non-activated material. Activation of this material requires heating at 200 °C for 6 hours under vacuum. Upon cooling under vacuum, the activated product should be stored and handled under an inert atmosphere.

Physical Characteristics: surface area ~1530, pore volume ~0.74


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