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Metals Scavenging Agents Chelating/scavenger resin with aminophosphonic - S940
CAS Number:
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Molecular Formula:  
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Chemical Formula:  
Color and Form: spherical beads (wet)
Note: Purolite S940 is a chelating resin of macroporous structure, with a polystyrene matrix crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB) substituted with weakly acidic aminophosphonic active groups. This chemical structure facilitates the formation of complexes with metallic ions. The aminophosphonic chelating resins have a greater affinity for certain cations, and form more stable complexes with cations of low atomic mass metals than their iminodiacetic resin counterparts. Hence Purolite S940 is capable of fixing one or more specific cations from a larger range even from solutions which are highly concentrated.

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