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Carbon Enzyme carrier Lifetech™ ECR8215F
CAS Number:
MDL Number:
Molecular Formula:  
Formula Weight:  
Chemical Formula:  
Color and Form: white to off white spherical beads (wet)
Note: Lifetech ECR8215F is a methacrylate polymer functionalised with epoxy groups, used for covalent enzyme immobilization. Epoxy groups form very stable covalent linkages with different protein surface groups as ε-NH2 in Lys or nucleophiles (amino, thiol, phenolic). Immobilization is performed under very mild experimental conditions of pH and temperature, at high ionic buffer strength. Lifetech ECR8215F main features are the very high porosity, the hydrophilicity and it is optimal for use in batch reactors. Epoxy methacrylate, 150-300 micron, pH stability 5-9, supplied wet (70-80% water), Particle Size: 1200-1800+. Storage: Keep in dry conditions (2 - 8°C), Shelf life: 6 months. Sold in collaboration with Purolite for research purposes only.

Stability: store cold

Physical Characteristics: surface area 60 min. m2/g

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