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Volatile Palladium Complexes Without Halogen or Heteroatoms for CVD / ALD and Catalysis

Allyl(cyclopentadienyl)palladium(II) [46-0065] and its Phenyl Allyl Derivative [46-0285]

Strem is happy to provide Allyl(Cyclopentadienyl)palladium complex (46-0065) for CVD/ALD and catalysis applications to the research community.


This product’s original design features a Palladium(II) at the center with just one ƞ5  - and one ƞ3 - hydrocarbon ligand. There are no elements other than Palladium, Carbon and Hydrogen present in the molecule, which makes it a highly valuable material for CVD and ALD applications.  It converts readily into Pd(0) under thermal conditions.

This red solid material is highly soluble in hexane, as well as all common organic solvents, and can be easily sublimed. However, a vacuum greater  than 30 torr @ 40°C is required for transfer into the vapor phase as mentioned in the literature.1

The metal content of this C8H10Pd compound is almost 50%.

Publications by leading scientists also show that this completely hydrocarbon Palladium complex is highly popular as a Pd source in catalysis.

The scaffold of the molecule shows an arrangement of the ligands in which the plane of the Cp ring is parallel to the plane formed by the three allyl carbons, so the allyl ligand is “side on” or perpendicular to the ligand-metal-ligand axis.

An analog of the original CpPdAllyl is the derivative (46-0285), in which the allyl ligand is decorated with a phenyl group. This compound can also be sublimed2 although, as expected, it has a lower volatility.  It is suitable for CVD applications and also highly active in catalysis. 





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46-0065: Allyl(cyclopentadienyl)palladium (II), 98% [1271-03-0]

46-0285: Cyclopentadienyl[(1,2,3-n)-1-phenyl-2-propenyl]palladium (II), 98% [105333-10-6]


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