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Tri-n-propylphosphine - The less famous, middle sibling of triethyl and tributyl phosphine

Cost Effective Phosphine Enabling a Wide Range of Synthesis

CYTOP® 330 (tri-n-propylphosphine) (Strem Catalog # 15-7610) is a trialkylphosphine similar in size and basicity to triethylphosphine, at a much-improved price point and ready for commercial scales. While it might not have the same level of fame as its counterparts, triethyl and tributyl phosphine, CYTOP® 330 (Strem Catalog # 15-7610) packs just as much punch, if not more!


Figure 1: CYTOP® 330 
(Strem Catalog # 15-7610)

CYTOP® 330 (Strem Catalog # 15-7610) is a versatile alkyl phosphine ready to tackle the most challenging chemical reactions with ease. Whether it's serving as a Wittig reagent in cutting-edge pharmaceutical syntheses or acting as a catalyst for innovative carboallylation and olefin oligomerizations, CYTOP® 330 (Strem Catalog # 15-7610) is your ultimate ally in the lab. The novel phosphonium salts employed were accessed via a highly efficient, regioselective addition of hydrogen bromide to styrenes. Application of the α-methylstilbenes toward the synthesis of a collection of stilbenoid-triazoles are viable for inhibition of CYP45019A1 (aromatase) and as such lead to promising routes to medical candidates.


CYTOP® 330(Strem Catalog # 15-7610) doesn't stop at catalysis; it's also a key player in the world of materials science. From forming the backbone of state-of-the-art photocurable coatings to serving as a support ligand for quantum dots and nanoparticles, this powerhouse phosphine is revolutionizing industries left and right.

And let's not forget its starring role in the creation of polyisocyanurate plastics, where it's paving the way for sustainable and high-performance materials.

So, whether you're a seasoned chemist looking to push the boundaries of your research or a forward-thinking innovator seeking the next big breakthrough, CYTOP® 330(Strem Catalog # 15-7610)  is here to elevate your game and unlock a world of possibilities. Join the CYTOP® revolution today and unleash the power of modern chemistry!

CYTOP® 330 (Strem Catalog # 15-7610) is a clear, colorless, pyrophoric liquid.  Tri-n-propylphosphine is a tertiary phosphine that must be handled under an inert atmosphere.  It can readily be functionalized into phosphonium salts or oxidized with hydrogen peroxide or sulfur to synthesize the relevant phosphine oxide and chalcogenides. For other ligands for catalysis please refer to the Syensqo offering at Strem or the Syensqo website.


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Featured Product:

15-7610 Tripropylphosphine, min. 98%, CYTOP® 330

CAS Number: 2234-97-1



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