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A Low Temperature Solution for Thin Silicon Film Deposition

Bis(t-butylamino)silane (BTBAS) – The high purity silicon precursor

It is hard to imagine microelectronics and nanotechnology today without ultra-thin dielectric films. Especially silicon dioxide and silicon nitride electronic materials, which play important roles in the semiconductor and microelectronic industry. Nowadays, atomic layer deposition (ALD) is the most advanced deposition technique used to achieve ultra-thin highly conformal and uniform films, therefore it is essential to match a suitable precursor that will guarantee reproducible film growth.

Indeed, bis-(tertiary-butylamino)silane (BTBAS) has gained particular acceptance because of high deposition rates. This halogen free aminosilane allows precisely controlled deposition of ultra-thin films at relatively low temperatures.


Fig. 1. bis-(tertiary-butylamino)silane (BTBAS)

The Strem Catalog offers BTBAS in two purity grades 14-1060, and 14-1072 which is of special interest for electronic applications because of its ultra-high purity. This amine-based silicon precursor is available with high purity of 99.999%-Si.

BTBAS exhibits a high film growth rate for SiOx layers with O3 under thermal (250-350°C) and with PlO2 plasma enhanced conditions at low temperature ranges (50-200°C) [1-3]. Furthermore, the requirements on the material properties and growth control of silicon nitride spacer films in transistors are achieved by SiNx film deposition by plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition using nitrogen plasma in the temperature range of 100-400°C [4-7]. For more details, please review the technical note.



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