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N-Phenylazole-Based Phosphine Ligands for Asymmetric C-H Functionalization

Phosphines with an imidazole or pyrrole rings lead to the effective enantioselective synthesis of 𝜷2- and 𝜷3- amino acids

β2- and β3-amino acids represent important chiral components for the synthesis of the pharmaceuticals and peptidomimetics found in natural products. In particular, the incorporation of β-amino acids into peptides allows modulation of their secondary structure and increase of their proteolytic stability, hence furnishing peptidomimetics with improved pharmacological value [1].


       15-3360                                                        15-3365

Fig. 1. N-phenylazole-based phosphine ligands

Already in earlier reports, N-phenylazole-based phosphine ligands (Fig. 1) bearing an imidazole (15-3360) or pyrrole (15-3365) rings were showing an effective performance in the palladium-catalyzed ligand-controlled α- and β-arylation of acyclic N-Boc amines [2] and in Barbier-Negishi coupling of secondary alkyl bromides with aryl and alkenyl triflates and nonaflates [3].

This useful behavior of the ligands led to the straightforward regio- and enantiodivergent access of the β2- and β3-amino acids via one-pot reaction composed of sparteine-mediated enantioselective lithiation of a Boc-1,3-oxazinane, transmetallation to zinc and direct or migratory Negishi coupling with an organic electrophile (Fig. 2) [1].


Fig. 2. N-phenylazole-based phosphine ligands

The regioselectivity of the Negishi coupling was highly ligand-controlled and switch-able to obtain the C4- or the C5-functionalized product exclusively. High enantioselectivities were achieved on a broad range of examples, and a catalytic version in chiral diamine was developed using the (+)-sparteine surrogate. Selected C4- and C5-functionalized Boc-1,3-oxazinanes were subsequently converted to highly enantioenriched β2- and β3-amino acids with the (R) or (S) configuration, depending on the sparteine enantiomer employed in the lithiation step.


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