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Novel Chiral Sulfinamide Phosphine Ligands

Class of chiral phosphine ligands for a wide range of asymmetric transformations

Significant progress has been made in the design and development of chiral phosphine ligands. Some novel chiral phosphine ligands and catalysts have been employed in a wide range of organic reactions in recent years, such as asymmetric hydrogenation, asymmetric addition, asymmetric cyclization and cycloaddition, and asymmetric coupling reactions. At the same time, phosphine-catalyzed enantioselective reactions have been successfully applied in the industrial production of chiral medicine, chiral pesticides, chiral fragrances, etc. 





The Strem Catalog, in collaboration with Daicel, offers a series of chiral sulfinamide phosphine ligands based on non-C2 symmetry and derived from the design concept of coupled hardness with softness, that has been developed by Professor Junliang Zhang of Fudan University. These ligands have the following features: structural diversity and good practical stability. Upon practical applications, the above sulfinamide phosphine ligands have been evidenced to show good catalytic performance in a series of asymmetric cyclization, cycloaddition, coupling and R-C reactions, especially in the palladium-catalyzed enantioselective reactions [1-12].



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