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CYTOP® 242T – Steric Bulk and Modularity

Commercial ligand building block

Changes in industry present tremendous opportunities for innovation and sustainable reinvention. Homogeneous catalysts are integral in the development of modern solutions for a variety of industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and many more. The advancement of these industries relies on the development of new ligands and catalysts constantly. Having the ability to quickly alter the structure and electronic properties of a system is critical. Many of these ligands require significant steric bulk to drive chemistry in a specific direction. Solvay offers CYTOP® 242T (Strem Catalog 97-1044), Ditertiarybutylphosphine that is commercially available at scale – giving you confidence that the phosphines you screen in the lab, are the phosphines that will arrive for your homogeneous process.


Bulky tertiary butyl groups are used in a variety of commercial and academic ligands. The incorporation of this functional group has been done in a variety of ways. Ditertiary butyl phosphine can be activated in several ways (such as chlorination with PCl5, activation by butyl lithium, etc.) to provide a viable scaffold for addition to other ligands. These have been added to famous ligands and their families such as Josiphos (1), JohnPhos (2,3), Buchwald (4) tBuXPhos (5) and also ferrocene type ligands (6-8). These ligands cover a variety of complex transitions with several metals. Working with CYTOP 242T (Strem Catalog 97-1044) gives confidence that the science being developed comes from commercial sources, affording a path to simpler scale up when required. 


The family of commercially available secondary phosphines is not limited to ditertiarybutylphosphine. Several other alkyl groups of various steric sizes and available commercially.


CYTOP® phosphines are readily available in high-purity at lab and commercial scales.  Custom packaging and logistics support is available on commercial scales when required.

To learn more about other Solvay specialty phosphorus products, please refer to the Strem Catalog.



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