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Enhancing the Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalysts – New Important Arrivals!

New BINOL-, SPINOL- and TADDOL based chiral phosphoric acids are available

In our previous blog, we have provided detailed discussions on mechanistic aspects of chiral phosphoric acid (CPA)-catalyzed asymmetric reactions that were initiated by BINOL structured catalysts.

Now, we are pleased to introduce 60 new CPAs that are designed on the BINOL, SPINOL- and TADDOL skeleton scaffold (Fig. 1). Compared to BINOL CPAs,SPINOL- and TADDOL classes of catalysts are less explored, and therefore open new horizons for researchers. 


Figure 1. Examples of chiral phosphoric acid promoted asymmetric synthesis

BINOL-, SPINOL- and TADDOL- based chiral phosphoric acid catalysts represent a very important class of asymmetric organocatalysts that are able to catalyze a wide range of organic reactions under mild and environmentally friendly conditions (a few examples are shown Fig. 1) [1-8]. Transformations catalyzed by CPAs have an advantage with high yields and excellent enantioselectivities. Detailed individual product information is reviewed in the corresponding technical note here.

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