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Environmental Aspects of Sodium Borohydride

Using NaBH4 as a reducing agent makes it possible to solve ecological problems

Metal removal/recovery. Recovery of precious and heavy metals from wastewater is critically essential for protecting the environment. The relatively high costs and technical difficulties in removing trace precious metals from wastewater generated from the refining process of precious metals, makes this a subject of significant importance. The reduction potential of NaBH4 helps to recover metals like Ag, Pt, Pd, Au, Fe and Cu from strongly acidic aqueous solutions [1-3].

Several treatment methods such as precipitation, adsorption, ion-exchange and membrane technologies have been developed for metal remediation [2]. Precipitation is the mostly widely used of these methods because it is the most economical method and easier to implement and operate on a large scale. However, traditional precipitation methods using lime, sulfides or hydroxides recover metals in the form of a sludge that is not reusable and has to be disposed of in landfills creating a potential environmental hazard and resulting in loss of valuable minerals. Due to the fast depletion of mineral reserves globally, the current focus in effluent treatment is now on the recovery and re-use of these heavy metals rather than removal and disposal. A good example of the reductive precipitation of Cu in its elemental form using NaBH4 as a reductant has been reported in detail [2].

4 is the chemical redox degradation of nitroaromatics22) groups, are widely used in the synthesis of dye, plasticizer, pesticide, herbicide, paint, pharmaceuticals, explosives and wood or leather preservatives. Some compounds have high toxicity, carcinogenicity, and bioaccumulation [5-6]. In the reduction process of nitrophenols to aminophenols NaBH4 is used with precious metal catalysts [5-6]. However, low cost pristine annealed Co3O4

An ever-growing exploitation and utilization of fossil fuels leads to an increasing atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. For example, sodium borohydride has been used in an innovative method for CO2 absorption from coal-fired flue gas under atmospheric pressure and using moderate temperatures [9].



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