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Potassium Graphite KC8 as a Superconductor

At a very low critical temperature KC8 presents superconducting properties

Thanks to the unique electronic structure, KC8 (19-1935) serves as an excellent reducing agent for various chemical transformations and as an essential component of next-generation potassium-ion batteries. Furthermore, K ion-based graphite intercalate compounds (K-GICs) have been well-known for a long time to have superconducting properties [1]. At a very low critical temperature Tc = 0.14 K, KC8 becomes a superconductor.


There has been a considerable debate about the mechanism and the electrons responsible for the superconductivity. The question has centered on whether the electrons responsible for the superconductivity reside in the graphite π*-bands, the intercalant bands or a combination of both. The relevant experimental results that must be explained are the trend in Tc between the different GICs and the anisotropy of the superconducting upper critical field [2-3].

Since the first discovery of the KC8 superconductor, many other GICs have been found to be superconducting. Among the superconducting GICs, CaC6 exhibits the highest critical temperature Tc = 11.5 K [4]. More recently, Cao et al reported the successful synthesis of superconducting potassium-doped few-layer graphene (K-doped FLG) with a transition temperature of 4.5 K, which is one order of magnitude higher than that observed in the bulk KC8 (Tc = 0.39 K) [5]. First stage K-GICs is also used as a reference material for the superconducting organic materials. Gao et al studied the atomic structures and electronic properties of potassium-doped phenanthrene with various doping levels [6].


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