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Solvay’s Phosphorus Holiday Gift Guide!

Solving your holiday needs with Phosphorus

Solvay’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide aims to make your holidays more thoughtful and personal this year. Their Phosphorus Specialties support chemistry that covers aspects from travel to enjoying the holiday season at home. Whether you want to get something for a family member, or provide that exact chemical solution to your coworkers in research – we have you covered! Take a peek at some of the exciting gifts and areas of research that are using Solvay's Phosphorus products.

Recovery of Acetic Acid - For the Home Cook

Organic acids, such as acetic acid - are critical for many applications. Acetic acid in particular is used in vinegar with “food grade” versions. Solvay’s liquid - liquid extraction technology is a key enabler in reclaiming valuable biochemicals from existing and breakthrough processes.


Figure 1: The use of CYTOP(R) extractants to isolate small molecule organics from a fermentation

CYTOP® phosphine oxide extractants are used to separate small organics molecules (short-chain volatile fatty acids, alcohols and phenol) from dilute aqueous streams and have been shown to have a lower carbon footprint (CO2 per Kg of purified organic) than alternative, low boiling point, extractants. (1)



Antifreeze - keep things deiced with MEG

Monoethylene glycol is a key additive for antifreeze - with the winter months ahead - the use of antifreeze is critical to keep us out of a frozen jam! From cars to planes, our holiday travel can be impacted significantly without the use of these products. The production of these chemicals are strongly linked to phosphorus products. (2-4)

Phosphonium salts such as tetrabutylphosphonium bromide, act as phase transfer catalyst (PTC) in the production of MEG. Phosphonium salts offer excellent performance with high thermal stability, large liquid range, ultra-low flammability, tunability and high conversion rates in this and other PTC based reactions.



Quantum Dots for QLED TVs

A perfect gift for the holiday season is a new TV! Several new TVs are using quantum dot technology to provide brighter colors.  These displays create high quality images perfect for viewing!



The technology in several of these systems require phosphorus chemicals - both as high boiling solvents and as phosphorus sources for the QDs. (5-6) The synthesis of QDs requires these products to be high purity and consistent - a strength of the Solvay phosphorus technology.  Solvay offers products such as CYTOP 380HP and CYTOP 502 which act as solvents/capping agents as well as Rhodaphos DPP and CYTOP 250 which are used as high purity phosphorus sources for InP QDs.


Traveling this year? You may want (need?) a COVID test prior to your trip!

The current global situation with COVID-19 has forced everyone to be more careful and deliberate when traveling - particularly with respect to safe travel - and minimizing the spread of COVID-19. The onset of the pandemic in early 2020 led to rapid development of diagnostic tests for coronavirus, synthetic oligonucleotides have a role to play here too. Several different technologies have roles to play in testing, but the gold standard is RT-qPCR.(7) The reagents required for a RT-qPCR test include target specific DNA primers and probes which are synthetic oligonucleotides.(8) Phosphorus chemicals, such as Rhodaphos Phos Reagent are critical for these healthcare applications. So, if you are looking to travel, or have friends and family coming to your home, it is wise to get tested (required depending on where/how you travel) and enjoy the phosphorus-based science involved in the technology!


Holiday wrap up

Phosphorus products are involved in many aspects of our day-to-day life and are in many items that may end up in our holiday season! Whether you are keen to buy the end product or develop new technology using phosphorus chemicals, this is just a taste of the chemistry and innovations that can be created with Solvay’s phosphorus products.

CYTOP® phosphines and phosphine oxides, as well as CYPHOS® phosphonium ionic liquids are readily available in high-purity at commercial and lab scales.  Custom packaging and logistics support is available at commercial scale. To learn more about other ligands for catalysis, please refer to the Solvay offering at Strem or the Solvay website.



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Featured Products:

97-6660 Trioctylphosphine oxide, min. 90% TOPO [CYTOP® 502] (78-50-2)

97-1337 Tri-n-hexylphosphine oxide/tri-n-octylphosphine oxide, min. 92% [mixture R3P(O), R2R'P(O), RR'2P(O), R'3P(O)] [CYTOP® 503] (100786-00-3)

97-1579 Tetrabutyphosphonium bromide (75% in water) [CYPHOS® 442W PHOSPHONIUM SALT] (3115-68-2)

97-6655 Tri-n-octylphosphine, min. 97% TOP [CYTOP® 380HP ORGANOPHOSPHINE] (4731-53-7)

97-6660 Trioctylphosphine oxide, min. 90% TOPO [CYTOP® 502] (78-50-2)

97-1003 Tris(trimethylsilyl)phosphine, min. 98% [CYTOP® 250 ORGANOPHOSPHINE] (15573-38-3)

97-0695 2-Cyanoethyl N,N,N',N'-tetra(i-propyl)phosphorodiamidite, min. 98% [RHODAPHOS® PHOS REAGENT] (102691-36-1)


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