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FREE Webinar - Reliable Borohydride Reductions for Pharmaceutical Production

November 18th at 11am EST

Reliable Borohydride Reductions for Pharmaceutical Production

November 18th
11am EST


Safety, cost, supply, logistics and waste generation are just some of the demands process development chemists are required to balance while bringing APIs to production as fast as possible. Unproven methods that have only appeared in academic literature or patents, represent substantial risks to project success, and reagents that have limited or uncertain supply are essentially a non-starter.

Borohydride-based reductions offer safety, price, versatility, and predictability with environmentally friendly waste products; this has led sodium borohydride to be utilized in many large-scale processes for the production of APIs. 

In this webinar, we will explore examples of large-scale commercial reactions using sodium borohydride to demonstrate the value of this reagent in process development. Learn about the scalable ways you can use sodium borohydride in your pharma processes.

Ascensus is the world’s leading supplier of sodium borohydride reducing agents for demanding life science applications. VENPURE™ sodium borohydride is a critical tool for synthesis chemists for performing high yield reductions at both lab and production scale.

This webinar is proudly hosted by Ascensus Specialties.


Nathan T. Allen, Ph.D., Principal Scientist




VENPURE™ Product Line:

11-1120 VENPURE™ AF GRANULE (sodium borohydride), min. 99%

11-1119 VENPURE™ SF GRANULE (sodium borohydride), min. 98.5% (16940-66-2)

11-1117 VENPURE™ AF CAPLETS (sodium borohydride), min. 99% (16940-66-2)

93-1118 VENPURE™ SF POWDER (sodium borohydride), min. 98.5% (16940-66-2)



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