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Join us for a webinar presented by Solvay and hosted by yours truly!

October 20th @ 11am ET

Want to know the secret to tailoring phosphorus molecules to enhance your applications? Join us as Solvay takes us through the various ways their high quality, phosphorus-based, specialty chemicals can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re in the electronic or life science space, there’s something for everyone!

The Secret to Tailoring Phosphorus Molecules

DATE: Wednesday, October 20,2021
TIME: 11:00AM ET

Phosphorus is ubiquitous and critical to our day-to-day life. The element is everywhere from our DNA, minerals, lubrication and many more. Phosphorus has the ability to provide solutions in many fields and understanding what phosphorus can do for you is critical to solving problems.

We will begin this webinar by discussing where phosphorus comes from and the current global supply situation. From here, we will talk about the functional use of phosphorus - and some of the tools that exist to tailor structure relationship properties - and ultimately the function of the element. The ability to tune phosphorus is critical to address a variety of academic and industrial challenges. Applications in life sciences, catalysis, lubrication, electronics and many more all benefit from the ability to work with phosphorus.  We will discuss how modulating cone angles, basicity, viscosity, thermal conductivity (amongst others) allows rational design.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the underlying chemistry behind Solvay’s phosphine derivatives and their relevance at industrial scale. Solvay’s unique position as a safe, large-scale, phosphines manufacturer enables them to participate in multiple applications across many industries.

Solvay’s Phosphine Derivatives business is actively engaged in providing commercially relevant phosphorus products. They work hand-in-hand with academic and industrial application developers to provide real-world, sustainable solutions.

During this session, connect with Solvay to identify the optimal phosphorus molecules for your requirements.

This webinar is proudly hosted by Strem, part of Ascensus Specialties. Strem is a distributor of Solvay products.


Meet the presenters!

Eamonn Conrad, Ph.D., Global Business Development Manager


Eamonn Conrad obtained a B.Sc. at St. Francis Xavier University and a PhD in phosphorus chemistry at Dalhousie University, Eamonn took up a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia with a focus on polymer chemistry. Eamonn has since moved to industry, initially in a technical and project management role, to commercial and business development functions. Responsibilities include marketing, product development, production management and general technology and commercial development activities. Currently, he is in Solvay’s Business Development group in Phosphorus Specialties serving customers globally.

William Stibbs, Ph.D., Senior Business Development Manager


After obtaining a PhD in organosilicon chemistry at the University of Sheffield, Bill moved to Canada to postdoc at the University of Western Ontario where he focused on organosilicon and organogermanium polymers. Bill has spent his career in the fine and specialty chemical industry primarily in the fields of metal organic and phosphorus chemistry. His responsibilities have included research, product development, small-scale manufacturing, application technology, product management, marketing, and business development. From time to time, he has even dabbled in sales. Currently he is a business development manager for Solvay's Phosphorus Specialties business.

Jade Markham, Ph.D., Research Scientist


Jade Markham obtained a B.Sc. and PhD in Phosphorus Chemistry at Loughborough University. Jade is currently a Research Scientist within Solvay’s Phosphorus Specialties. Her role focuses on the development of manufacturing routes to new products, the manufacture of high-value specialty products at kilo scale and in supporting existing products within the business’s portfolio.




Product sold in collaboration with Solvay



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