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NH2-MIL-101(Al) – MOF for Gas Separation with Catalytic Properties

Aluminum MOF with Amine Functional Group

NH2-MIL-101(Al) (13-3060) is a MOF where aluminum oxide species are bridged with 2-amino terephthalic acid. Typically, terephthalic acid is widely used for MOF synthesis; however, amine functionalization of the linker improves the stabilization of the framework via amine incorporation. Indeed, material shows a high chemical and thermal stability and only decomposes at temperatures above 377o C in an oxygen containing atmosphere [1].


Fig. 1. Structure of NH2-MIL-101(Al) (13-3060) metal organic framework  

The NH2-MIL-101(Al) (13-3060) framework possesses excellent selectivity for carbon dioxide. CO2 capacities up to 62 wt. % are obtained at room temperature and 3 MPa. The preference in terms of a single component adsorption from mixtures, demonstrates that the amine functionalized framework is an excellent candidate for the selective separation of CO2 from methane and nitrogen [1-3].

Furthermore, owing to the presence of amines, the NH2-MIL-101(Al) (13-3060) displays outstanding basic catalytic properties and a perfect candidate for post-synthetic covalent functionalization.

Exhibiting high activity in the basic catalyzed Knoevenagel condensation of benzaldehyde with ethyl cyanoacetate at 40oC, even in a nonpolar solvent such as toluene (turn over frequency, TOF = 1.8 h-1) [1].



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13-3060: Tris[μ-[2-amino-1,4-benzenedicarboxylato(2-)-κO1:κO'1]]diaquachloro-μ3-​oxotri-aluminum MOF, MIL-101(Al)-NH2 (1404201-64-4) 


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