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High Purity Monolayer Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide with Minimum Manganese Contamination

Due to the expanding applications of graphene and its derivatives, demand on graphene-based nanomaterials are likely to increase in the future. Currently, graphene technology plays an important role in electronics, s-ensors, energy operation, and environmental and biomedical applications [1-9].

It’s not surprising that the key feature of effective implementation of graphene and graphene oxide (GO) is its quality with respect to the purity and oxidation grade.


Fig. 1. Topography of graphene oxide flakes 5-30 micron diameter size

We offer high quality, large, monolayer graphene oxide flakes (06-2530) that are fabricated by the special, reproducible synthetic methodology that provides full oxidation of the product. The oxidation grade of the graphene is confirmed by elemental analysis in the quality control stage.

Another highlight of our GO is its nearly neglectable manganese contamination that lies at 0.0006%. A high purity of graphene oxide dispersion is attained through a careful washing process. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is used to confirm the high purity of the material and low Mn content. Manganese contamination is a common issue within typical graphene oxide due to the production process. Since this product has low levels of Mn and high product purity, it does not show toxicity in living cells and allows for additional product applications. For more specifications, please review the corresponding technical note.

We also offer other GOs in the form of a water dispersion (06-2545), GO made by the Staudenmaier Method (06-0323) and reduced GO (06-2550).


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Products Mentioned:

06-2530 Graphene oxide (4mg/ml water dispersion) - low Mn. (1034343-98-0)
06-2545 Graphene oxide (4mg/ml water dispersion) (1034343-98-0)
06-0323 Graphene oxide (0.8-1.2nm thick x 1-15 microns wide, made by the Staudenmaier Method) (1034343-98-0)
06-2550 Graphene oxide, reduced (1034343-98-0)

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