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Graphene Nanoplatelets with Different Dimensions and Improved Material Electronic Properties

Nanoplatelet shaped graphene monolayers are able to improve the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of carbon-based, multifunctional materials

Graphene nanoparticles with “platelet” morphology consist of stacks of multi-layer graphene sheets that are identical to those found in the walls of carbon nanotubes, but the planar form is available at Strem Chemicals, Inc.  Unlike nanotubes or carbon fibers, the platelet morphology provides lower thermal contact resistance at lower loading levels resulting in higher thermal conductivity compared to other carbon particles or fibers.   Nanoplatelets have an average thickness of 5 – 10 nanometers and are offered in widths of 5 µm (06-0210), 10 µm (06-0215) and 25 µm (06-0220). Highly active edges of the graphene nanoplatelets sheets allow covalent bonding with different active groups functionalized by hydrogen, halogens, oxygen and nitrogen atoms.

Graphene Nanoplatelets

Graphene nanoplatelets are 6-8 nm thick black granules with a bulk density of 0.03 to 0.1 g/cc. Oxygen content is <1%, carbon content is >99.5 %, and residual acid content is <0.5 wt%. The granules must be fully dispersed in water or organic media in order to exhibit their optimal properties.

Graphene nanoparticles are also offered as aggregates having sub-micron platelets with a diameter of <2 microns and a thickness of a few nanometers. The bulk density is 0.2 to 0.4 g/cc, oxygen content of <2 % and carbon content of >98 wt%.  These aggregates exhibit high surface areas of 300 m2/g (06-0225); 500 m2/g (06-0230) and 700 m2/g (06-0235), and can be substituted for carbon black in many applications. They improve thermal and electrical conductivity, exhibit barrier properties (preventing permeation of gases and liquids) and other physical properties such as stiffness, toughness and resistance to scratching and marring.


Products mentioned in this blog:

06-0210: Graphene nanoplatelets (6-8 nm thick x 5 microns wide), CAS # 1034343-98-0
06-0215: Graphene nanoplatelets (6-8 nm thick x 15 microns wide), CAS # 1034343-98-0
06-0220: Graphene nanoplatelets (6-8 nm thick x 25 microns wide), CAS # 1034343-98-0
06-0225: Graphene nanoplatelets aggregates (sub-micron particles, surface area 300m2/g), CAS # 1034343-98-0
06-0230: Graphene nanoplatelets aggregates (sub-micron particles, surface area 500m2/g), CAS # 1034343-98-0
06-0235: Graphene nanoplatelets aggregates (sub-micron particles, surface area 750m2/g), CAS # 1034343-98-0


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