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Screen Reactions and Get Results Faster With Our Photocatalyst Kits!

We offer kits containing a wide array of photocatalysts for every need

Selecting and then screening a set of catalysts and conditions for a particular reaction can be a very time-consuming process. We offer a convenient way to cut down on this time in the form of catalyst kits. These kits contain testing amounts (typically 50-100 mg) for a  range and variety of catalysts known to be affective for a particular purpose. In the area of photocatalysis, we offer a number of kits that span all commonly used classes of organometallic photocatalyst compounds.

Our Iridium Photocatalysis Master Kit (96-7795) contains both homo- and heteroleptic Ir(III) complexes,  comprising the contents of both the Iridium Photocatalyst Kit 1 (96-7780) as well as the Iridium Photocatalyst Kit 2 (96-7790).


Figure 1: Iridium Photocatalyst Master Kit contents
Green squares indicate compounds from Iridium Photocatalyst Kit 1.
Blue squares indicate compounds from Iridium Photocatalyst Kit 2.


Our Ruthenium Photocatalyst Kit (96-4450) contains homoleptic Ru(II) complexes with a variety of bidentate N-donor ligands:


Figure 2: Iridium Photocatalyst Kit Contents

In addition to the above kits, we also offer a selection of EvoluChem™ kits containing  photocatalysts and solvents/reagents tailored to screening a particular reaction (e.g. methylation). Finally,  EvoluChem™ Photoredox Box (98-7500) provides a convenient reaction platform designed to be compatible with these kits. Check out the links contained in this blog for more information on these useful Strem products.


Kits & Equipment Mentioned:
96-7795: Iridium Photocatalyst Master Kit
96-7780: Iridium Photocatalyst Kit 1
96-7790: Iridium Photocatalyst Kit 2
96-4450: Ruthenium Photocatalyst Kit
96-7510: EvoluChem™ Photochemical Methylation Array Kit
98-7500: EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Box

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