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UiO-66 and HKUST-1 Mixed-Matrix Membranes (MMMs)

Homogenous MOF-polymers with high MOF incorporation

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs), with high volumes of porosity and BET surface areas are exhibiting superior adsorbing capacities. However, to extend the application scope of free MOF powders in the various thin film technologies, it is necessary to incorporate MOFs into matrix materials like textiles, polymers or membranes.

The research group of Professor Cohen of UC San Diego has developed a facile methodology for the fabrication of homogenous MOF polymer composites and Mixed-Matrix-Membranes (MMMs) with high MOF incorporation [1]. MMMs are prepared from polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), which acts as an effective binder for the MOF, while still allowing the pores to be permeable and accessible to adsorbates.


Fig. 1. SEM images of UiO-66 MMM (~60 wt%) (top) and HKUST-1 MMM (~35 wt%)
with cross-section and plane-view


Strem Chemicals offers two different MMMs:

  1. HKUST-1 MMM (29-3150) with ~35wt% of HKUST-1 (29-3050) MOF loading (BET surface area: ~500 m²/g)
  2. UiO-66 MMM (40-1125) with ~60wt% of UiO-66 (40-1105) MOF loading (BET surface area: ~1400 m²/g)

Due to the increased water and ammonia stability of the MOF over the primitive powder form, engineered MOF MMMs are strong candidates for use in gas filtration applications under high humidity. For example, HKUST-1 MMM (29-3150) exhibits excellent ammonia gas removal capacities of 7.4 mol/ kg, commensurate with a loading of approximately 1.5 NH3 molecules per Cu atom [2].


Fig. 2. MOF-MMMs are resilient to mechanical stress and can be easily handled


MOF MMMs allow further chemical modification through post synthetic modification and exchange processes. These materials are resilient to mechanical stress and can be easily handled in ambient conditions using nitrile gloves (recommended). For longer-term storage (>1 week) these materials need to be maintained under moisture-free conditions. The UiO-66 MMM is light- and dry-air-stable.

For more MOF products, please review our MOF booklet.



  1. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 9029.
  2. Chem. Sci., 2016, 7, 2711.

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