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Photoredox Equipment and Screening Kits

Save time and material when optimizing reaction conditions!

We recently introduced hardware specifically for researchers in the field of photoredox catalysis. This hardware, , enables researchers to perform photochemical experiments in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

This simple and effective 98-7500) provides all the necessary Photochemical Equipment to carry out photoredox experiments. The device also includes auxiliary hardware to allow for customization of the photo reactor system.

98-7600), 8 x 2 ml vials (98-7650) and 8 x 8 ml vials (98-7700). These holders can be easily changed and allow for the execution of up to 32 reactions simultaneously. The unique photochemistry box contains an internal mirror system which evenly distributes light within the sample chamber while avoiding the transfer of excess heat to the reaction vials. This design in conjunction with a cooling fan helps to maintain a room temperature environment within the reaction vessels.

Photochemical Equipment


We also offer pre-measured and packaged screening kits, containing a customizable array of high-quality reagents, catalysts and/or salts. Many of these kits include photocatalysts and bases in varying combinations, with other reaction components supplied by the customer. Other kits also include reagents for methylation alkylation reactions, a common transformation that photocatalyst systems are employed for.

If you are looking to quickly and effectively optimize a reaction or identify new types of reactivity, the Strem photocatalyst kits and equipment provide an excellent platform on which to do so.

Iridium/Nickel PhotoRedOx Kits

photo 2

Other Compatible Kits


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