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Specially Designed MOF’s Offer New, Low-Cost Gas Management Solutions

High-Valence Iron MOF’s have Extraordinary Stability in Harsh Conditions

Strem is proud to offer a variety of MOF’s developed by framergy, Inc., of College Station, TX.  Our CEO, Dr. Ephraim S. Honig recently stated, “The MOFs from framergy are innovative, and we are excited to have their materials in our product line, especially as applications in this area progress.”

These MOF’s are designed to improve gas management technologies, adsorption rates and operating costs for the oil and gas industry.  Specifically, these products offer innovative solutions for natural gas production which has significantly lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than other fossil fuels.  However, current processes for capturing natural gas lack safety and efficiency.  Often methane and other hydrocarbons are instead vented and burned, which is environmentally and economically undesirable.   A solution can be found in MOFs which have large internal surface areas for absorption suitable for effective capture and storage of a multitude of gases.  Typical MOFs are engineered with divalent metals which perform these tasks well, but can lack chemical stability in harsh environments.

Strem offers an iron MOF, (26-3725), developed by framergy.  This compound composed of high-valent metal cations, has shown extraordinary stability under highly acidic, alkaline, and humid conditions, as well as in the presence of concentrated hydrogen sulfide. This MOF’s high stability even under harsh conditions makes it useful for many applications.  


In addition to 26-3725, other products in framergy’s AYRSORB line have shown impressive gas recovery rates even when tested on unprocessed compositions of natural gas.  For more information on these specific products offered at Strem, please visit the links given below.

Additional details about framergy’s MOF technologies can be found in this recent CEP Magazine article:


Products mentioned in this blog and related items:

26-3725: Iron azobenzene tetracarboxylic, Porous [PCN-250(Fe)], AYRSORB™ F250 [1771755-22-6]

07-9500: Diethylenetriamine loaded cyanuric acid doped porous melamine formaldehyde resin, POP, AYRSORB P151 [2222446-49-1]

22-1070: Hexakis[μ-(2-amino-1,4-benzenedicarboxylato)][tetra-μ-hydroxyocta-μ-oxooctatitanium], NH2-MIL-125(Ti), AYRSORB™ T125  [1309760-94-8]

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