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Countdown to ALD 2018!

We have over 450 CVD/ALD Precursors Available – Pick up Some Literature to See Our Selection

The 18th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition begins on July 29th in Incheon, South Korea.  Strem is once again excited to participate in this conference.  Stop by the literature table to grab some of our product booklets and information sheets.  All of our literature can also be downloaded from our website via the links below. 

The ALD conference is dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer deposition of thin films and attracts scientists and companies from all over the world.  Strem continues to add to their CVD/ALD precursors and equipment product lines.  In addition, we offer bubbler/cylinder filling, refilling and cleaning services.  If you are interested in any of these services please contact for more information. 


Strem’s Newest Precursors & Equipment:

79-1700: (N,N-Diethyldithiocarbamato)dimethylgold(III), 97% (99.999%-Au) PURATREM [93166-53-1]

95-5009: Stainless steel bubbler, 1000ml, horizontal in line, electropolished with fill-port, high temp valves (315°C), no dip tube, DOT 4B, UN stamped

64-6000: Tris(i-propylcyclopentadienyl)gadolinium(III), 98% (99.9%-Gd) (REO) [126970-21-6]

22-1155: Titanium(IV) chloride, (99.99+%-Ti) PURATREM [7550-45-0]

98-8000: Water, 99.999% (PURATREM), 98-0295, contained in 50 ml Swagelok® cylinder (96-1070) for CVD/ALD [7732-18-5]

20-8200: Bis(N,N-di-i-propylformamidinato)calcium(II) dimer, (99.99 %-Ca) PURATREM [1959584-78-1]

14-1530: Bis(dimethylamino)dimethylsilane, 99+% BDMADMS


Additional Resources Available for Download:

MOCVD, CVD and ALD Precursors   

PURATREM™ High Purity Inorganics

Metal Organic Frameworks and Ligands for MOF Synthesis

Chemical Vapor Deposition/Atomic Layer Deposition (CVD/ALD) Precursors contained in Swagelok® Cylinders

Cylinders & Adapters

Electropolished Stainless Steel Bubbblers – Vertical & Horizontal

Metal Amidinates for CVD/ALD Applications


ALD 2018



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