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MOF Linkers with Nitrogen and Phosphorus Donor Ligands


Multidentate nitrogen and phosphorous containing ligands are available for the synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

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Enhancing the Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalysts – New Important Arrivals!


New BINOL-, SPINOL- and TADDOL based chiral phosphoric acids are available

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22nd International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (ISHC)


July 24 - 29 | Lisbon, Portugal

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2nd International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions


July 18-22 | Strasbourg, France

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Phosphonium Chlorides Offer Several Advantages


Making them a popular interest area for researchers to find new applications

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17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium (BOSS XVII)


Visit us at BOSS XVII in Namur, Belgium!

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Environmental Aspects of Sodium Borohydride


Using NaBH4 as a reducing agent makes it possible to solve ecological problems

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22nd International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2022)


We offer over 500+ CVD/ALD precursors

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Catalysts For Commercial and Fine Chemical Applications


Our Catalog includes a diverse portfolio of catalysts for various transformations

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German Catalysis Society Meeting


June 27-29 | Weimar, Germany

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Phosphorus Specialties for Surface Treatment


Alkylphosphonic and dialkyphosphinic acids

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Canadian Chemistry Conference & Exhibition (CCCE) 2022


June 13-17 | Calgary, AB, Canada

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CALLERY™ (-)/(+)-Diisopinocampheylchloroboranes — Chiral Boranes for Total Synthesis


(+)-DPC and (-)-DPC selective reducing agents play important role in the synthesis of complex natural products

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High-Performance Precursors for CVD & ALD


99% to 99.9999% Metals Purity

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CYTOP® 242 and CYTOP® 202 – Alternatives to Your Everyday Ligands


Bulky phosphines and precursors to expand your toolbox

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NEW Carbonyl Reductase (CRED) Enzyme Screening Kit


Provides synthesis of enantiomerically pure (R) or (S) alcohols by enzymatic reduction of carbonyl compounds

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In-house cGMP Capabilities & Analytical Support


at our Newburyport, MA facility

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Critical Materials Conference (CMC) 2022


April 28 – 29 | Phoenix, AZ

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Halide Free Phosphonium Ionics - Ideal Candidates for Halide Free Applications


Phosphorus solutions for lubrication, reduced corrosion, halide contaminants and more!

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BH3·THF and BH3·Me2S – Versatile Diborane Alternatives


Borane Complexes serve as the preferred borane sources in various organic transformations

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Displaying 41 - 60 of 414 product blog entries
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