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Buchwald 4th Generation Palladacycles


We Currently Offer 8 Products from this Newest Generation of Palladacycles

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Biocompatible Iron (III) Carboxylate MOF – KRICT F100 (F-Free Form of MIL-100(Fe))


Iron trimesate MOF KRICT F100, a modified version of MIL-100(Fe), has shown to be a promising material for biomedical applications and selective gas/liquid separation

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Milstein Ligands and Catalysts are Available from Strem Chemicals


Non-innocent PNN and PNP type ligands and corresponding Ru complexes for catalytic dehydrogenation

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28-0165: New Nickel Precatalyst for Cross-Coupling Reactions


Air and Moisture Stable Nickel Precatalyst with Good Solubility in Organic Solvents for Screening of Cross-Coupling Reactions

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AVS 62nd International Symposium and Exhibition!


Visit Strem Chemicals, Inc. at Booth #727

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Graphene Nanoplatelets with Different Dimensions and Improved Material Electronic Properties


Nanoplatelet shaped graphene monolayers are able to improve the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of carbon-based, multifunctional materials

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Strem Chemicals Expands Dirhodium Catalyst Portfolio with University of Canberra


Rh2(S-PTTL)4 is an excellent catalyst, leading to high purity products

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Co(CO)3NO, a Versatile CVD Precursor (Catalog # 27-0500)


Compared to dicobalt octacarbonyl, cobalt tricarbonyl nitrosyl demonstrates improved thermal stability under vacuum storage

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Strem Chemicals Sponsors a Young Investigator Award for the Inorganic Division at the ACS Meeting in Boston


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Pt-Co and Pt-Cu Core-Shell Fuel Cell Catalyst from Strem


Dealloyed Pt catalysts developed by Prof. Strasser demonstrate high electrochemical activity

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Electropolished Stainless Steel Cylinders and Adapters for ALD Precursors


A Variety of Cylinders and Adapters are Available for use in Atomic Layer Deposition Systems

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Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) at Strem Chemicals


API’s Manufactured Under FDA Regulatory Compliance by cGMP Protocol According to ICH Q7 with Submission of Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls Documentation and Drug Master Files to Support ANDA Approvals

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Strem Chemicals, Inc. Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry


Muralee Murugesu Receives Award at the 98th Canadian Chemistry Conference

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250th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition!


Visit Strem Chemicals, Inc. at Booth #1011

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New Palladium Precatalyst Technology Developed by the Hazari Group at Yale University Now Available from Strem Chemicals, Inc.


Palladium Precatalysts with Indenyl Ligand for C-C and C-N Bond Formation

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PhenoFluor®Mix, 07-4055: An Air Stable Reagent for Deoxyfluorination


An Efficient Reagent for Selective Deoxyfluorination of Phenols and Aliphatic Alcohols

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UiO-66: Zirconium Building Bricks for Stable Metal Organic Frameworks (Strem Catalog Number 40-1105, CAS Number 1072413-80-9)


Highly porous Zirconium 1,4‐dicarboxybenzene MOF (UiO‐66) has an exceptional thermal stability, which allows for temperatures up to 500°C

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Families of Volatile Metal Precursors from Roy Gordon’s Group at Harvard University for Use in ALD Applications


Transition metal amidinates for metal, nitride and oxide layer deposition

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15-7123: Bidentate Ligand with Narrow Bite Angle is Available from Strem Chemicals


Highly reactive, rigid chelating diphosphine ligand with a C3-backbone

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Anchor Award Given to Companies in Business for 25 Years or More


Strem Chemicals Received Anchor Award

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Displaying 301 - 320 of 334 product blog entries
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