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AVS 66th International Symposium & Exhibition 2019


One week until AVS, are you attending?

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Metal Organic Framework company framergy, Inc., is the first to commercialize networked porous organic polymers, unlocking direct air capture of CO2


Our 07-9500, sold in collaboration with framergy, is an ideal candidate to process atmospheric carbon dioxide

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V2019- Vakuum & Plasma Conference


Ask about our cylinder cleaning services!

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A Scandium Source for ALD of Thin Film Oxides


Scandium Formamidinate is a Promising ALD Precursor for High-k Oxide Dielectrics

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BRIDP Phosphine Ligands for Cross Coupling Applications


We offer BRIDP Ligands in collaboration with Takasago

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WingPhos: A Bidentate Ligand for Highly Enantioselective Transformations


The WingPhos ligand imparts excellent enantioselectivity in the formation of chiral β-arylamines and tertiary alcohols.

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Advances in Polyolefins


Wine country here we come!

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3rd Annual Symposium on Applied Synthesis


Frontiers in Organic Synthesis: New Synthetic Technologies

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New Challenges and Applications with our Carbon Nanotubes


Scientists are Still Finding New Possibilities for this Nanotechnology

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Strem Chemicals Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry


Congratulations to 2019 Recipient – Tim Storr

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Specialty & Agro Chemicals Show


Specialty’s our middle name!

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Kerr’s Catalysts for Hydrogen Isotope Exchange (HIE)


Kerr’s highly selective catalysts for deuterium and tritium exchange operate at low-catalyst loadings with excellent functional group tolerance

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Ruthenium: The “Elusive” Element


We Offer a Selection of 300+ Ruthenium Compounds

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2019 Fall ACS National Meeting & Expo


Ready, set, jetting to ACS!

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Catalysis without Borders


Join us at EuropaCat 2019 in Germany

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Our 7ml bubbler 97-7000 is now available!


Maximize gas contact time for low volume applications

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The “Rainbow” Element

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Industrial Utility of Metal Naphthenates


Metal Naphthenic Acids – Common Structures and Usage

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Strem offers Hafnium Metal Alkylamide ALD Precursors for Emerging Memory Applications


Take a look at our 450+ CVD/ALD precursors!

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Photoredox Equipment and Screening Kits


Save time and material when optimizing reaction conditions!

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Displaying 201 - 220 of 412 product blog entries
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