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CALLERY™ HMDS Bases with High Purity and Consistent Quality


Alkali metal hexamethyldisilazanes for variety of chemical reactions and transformations

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Bacteria Control and Mitigation


Critical for Maintaining Performance and Materials Integrity

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CataCXium® Ligands and Catalysts for C-X Coupling Reactions


Phosphines with excellent activities in various Pd (but not only)-catalyzed coupling reactions

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Phosphonium Ionic Liquids in Lubrication


Part 1: CYPHOS® IL 109

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N-Phenylazole-Based Phosphine Ligands for Asymmetric C-H Functionalization


Phosphines with an imidazole or pyrrole rings lead to the effective enantioselective synthesis of 𝜷2- and 𝜷3- amino acids

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CYPHOS® for Electric Vehicle Greases


Lubricants for Moving Forward – Multifunctional Additives for an Evolving Technical Challenge

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Glucosyl Thioureas – A New Type of Organocatalyst


A novel thiourea asymmetric organocatalysts that are bearing a glycosyl scaffold

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CYPHOS® IL 109 in electrochemical applications


Stable materials for high energy applications

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Chiral Diazaphospholene Organocatalysts


Phosphenium ion promoted asymmetric imine reduction demonstrates highest enantioselectivity

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Multidimensional thinking: Exploring Chemical Space to Optimize Reaction Conditions and Boost Your Yield


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CALLERY™ Alkali Metal Alkoxides for Organic Synthesis


Wide selection of metal alkoxides allows conditions to be fine-tuned to the desired reaction

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Novel Chiral Sulfinamide Phosphine Ligands


Class of chiral phosphine ligands for a wide range of asymmetric transformations

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Phosphine Ligands for Hydroformylation Chemistry


Teaching an old dog new tricks

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Celebrating the Women in Science at Ascensus


International Women in Science Day 2023

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Mandyphos Ligands used in Asymmetric Synthesis and Chiral Catalysis


Highly effective ferrocenyl based diphosphine ligands give access to complex chiral organic molecules that generate natural products and drugs

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CYTOP® 242T – Steric Bulk and Modularity


Commercial ligand building block

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2 NEW Gold Photocatalysts!


[Au(IPr)(cbz)] (79-0000) & [Au(SIPr)(cbz)] (79-0002)

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Solvias (R)- and (S)-MeO BIPHEP Ligands for Enantioselective Hydrogenation


Chelating phosphine ligands with an atropisomeric biaryl scaffold

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CYPHOS® IL 101 For Extraction of Metals


Ga, Co, Mn, In, Zn, Au and more

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High Purity Chiral Sulfinamide Phosphines from Daicel


Ligands and organocatalysts with structural diversity and good practical stability

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Displaying 1 - 20 of 412 product blog entries
Pages: Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 21 Next
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