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Unlocking Genetic Secrets: The Role of Disulfide Bond Reducing Agents in Next-Generation Sequencing
A Low Temperature Solution for Thin Silicon Film Deposition
Phosphonium Ionic Liquids in Lubrication
Bacteria Control and Mitigation
Phosphonium Ionic Liquids in Lubrication
N-Phenylazole-Based Phosphine Ligands for Asymmetric C-H Functionalization
FREE WEBINAR! Unlocking The Potential Of P-Chiral Phosphorus Ligands
Phosphonium Chlorides Offer Several Advantages
Phosphorus Specialties for Surface Treatment
CYTOP® 242 and CYTOP® 202 – Alternatives to Your Everyday Ligands
CBS Oxazaborolidines – Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Synthesis
Solvay’s Phosphorus Holiday Gift Guide!
CYTOP® Phosphines – Ideal Pre-ligands for Single Site Catalysts
CYTOP® 340 – A Versatile Reagent
CYTOP® Secondary Phosphines – The Building Blocks of Catalysis
UbiQD Quantum Dots
XPhos Ligand & Related Precatalysts
Screen Reactions and Get Results Faster With Our Photocatalyst Kits!
AntPhos: An Effective Monophosphorus Ligand for Cross-Coupling and Asymmetric Catalysis
Industrial Utility of Metal Naphthenates
BASF Pd and Pt NanoSelect Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation
Supported Metal Nanoparticles Generated by Laser Ablation
New Rare-Earth BINOLate Compounds
Dirhodium Chiral Complexes for Catalytic Stereoselective Preparation
Josiphos Nickel Catalysts Shine in Facilitating Cross-Coupling Reactions
A Closer Look at Our Newest Metathesis Catalysts and Metal Scavengers
Useful Effect of Defect in Non-Stoichiometric Nanoceria
Laser Ablation — An Effective Preparative Method for Nanoparticles
15-6375 & 15-7400: Reducing Agents for Molecular Diagnostics
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