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Catalog Number   Description Color & Form CAS Number
Niobium foil (99.8%) 1.0mm thick (~42.9g/50 x100mm) 7440-03-1
Niobium foil (99.8%) 0.25mm thick (~10.7g/50 x 100mm) 7440-03-1
Niobium foil (99.8%) 0.127mm thick (50 x 100mm) 7440-03-1
Niobium foil (99.8%) 0.05mm thick x 100mm wide 7440-03-1
Niobium powder (99.8%, Ta-0.1-1%) -60 mesh 7440-03-1
Niobium powder (99.8%) -325 mesh 7440-03-1
Niobium rod (99.8%) 12.5mm dia. (~11g/cm) 7440-03-1
Niobium rod (99.8%) 6.35 mm dia. (~2.7g/cm) 7440-03-1
Niobium turnings (99.8%) irregular pieces 7440-03-1
Niobium wire (99.95% except for Ta) 0.5mm dia. (~1.68g/m) 7440-03-1
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