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Catalog Number   Description CAS Number
BASF Metals Scavenging Agent Kit (MSA Kit)
Chelating/scavenger resin with N-methylglucamine - S108
Chelating/scavenger resin with aminoxime - S910
Chelating/scavenger resin with thiourea - S914
Chelating/scavenger resin with isothiouronium -S920Plus
Chelating/scavenger resin with thiol- S924
Chelating/scavenger resin with iminodiacetic- S930Plus
Chelating/scavenger resin with aminophosphonic - S940
Chelating/scavenger resin with aminophosphonic - S950
Chelating/scavenger resin with phosphonic and sulfonic acid- S957
Chelating/scavenger resin with polyamine - S985
Chelating/scavenger resin with bispicolylamine - S960
07-2203 07-2203
1,4-Bis(2-isocyanopropyl)piperazine (SnatchCat Metal Scavenger) 51641-96-4
PhosphonicS Metals Scavenging Kit
16-0215 16-0215
2-Aminoethyl sulfide ethyl Silica (PhosphonicS SEA)
14-1871 14-1871
Deloxan® MP Metal Scavengers (Thio-Functionalized Polysiloxane)
14-1870 14-1870
Deloxan® THP II Macroporous, Thiourea-Functionalized Polysiloxane(Metal Absorbing Resin)
16-0650 16-0650
2-Mercaptoethyl ethyl sulfide Silica (PhosphonicS SEM26) 7631-86-9
16-1700 16-1700
3-Mercaptopropyl ethyl sulfide Silica (60+, high-cross linking) (PhosphonicS SPM36) 7631-86-9
16-1706 16-1706
3-Mercaptopropyl ethyl sulfide Silica (60+, low-cross linking) (PhosphonicS SPM32)
16-1702 16-1702
3-Mercaptopropyl ethyl sulfide Silica (90+, high-cross linking) (PhosphonicS SPM36f)
16-1704 16-1704
3-Mercaptopropyl ethyl sulfide Silica (90+, low-cross linking) (PhosphonicS SPM32f)
Metals scavenging agent, Mercaptopropyl modified silica (BASF MSA-FC Si-3) 112926-00-8
Metals scavenging agent, Phosphotungstic acid modified activated carbon (BASF MSA-FC C-1) 7440-44-0
Metals scavenging agent, Phosphotungstic acid modified alumina (BASF MSA-FC Al-1) 1344-28-1
16-1540 16-1540
Pentaerythritol 2-mercaptoacetate ethyl sulfide Silica (PhosphonicS SET)
16-0210 16-0210
Triamine ethyl sulfide amide Silica (PhosphonicS STA3)
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