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About Strem

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High Quality Specialty Chemicals

Photo of the Strem Building

Strem established in 1964, is a company that manufactures and markets specialty chemicals of high purity. Strem was acquired by Ascensus Specialties in 2021. Its clients include academic, industrial and government research and development laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical / petrochemical industries. Strem also provides custom synthesis (including high pressure synthesis) and cGMP manufacturing services.

Strem is located in Newburyport 38 miles (60km) north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This facility covers 48,000 sq. ft (4,460 m2). Its cGMP facility is FDA inspected. The European office and warehouse are located in Bischheim, France.

Expertise and Experience in Manufacturing High Purity, High Quality Chemicals

Strem Products Tree

Our mission is to provide specialty chemicals of high purity in a timely fashion. Quality is the most critical component of all products and services. Due to Strem's focus on quality, most products are of high purity, typically 99%, with some at 99.9999% metals purity.

Unlike a production environment, where QA procedures may identify non–conforming chemicals, in research the scientist typically relies on the supplier's quality procedures and documentation. If these are not properly conducted then poor quality chemicals may kill a great research idea! Strem utilizes a comprehensive range of analytical techniques tailored to each product to insure quality. All of Strem's catalogs, since inception, have listed “Color and Form” for every product, as these are primary indicators of quality.

Long Term Focus in Inorganics, Organometallics and Metals

Strem offers over 6,000 specialty products in the area of metals, inorganics, organometallics and nanomaterials. Its first commercial product was cobalt carbonyl, manufactured in Strem's high pressure autoclaves. The first catalog also contained catalysts/precatalysts and phosphorus ligands, which continue to be important classes of products offered by Strem. Product range includes:

Graphic of Strem's product range

Key product lines include metal carbonyls, metal catalysts for organic synthesis, ligands, especially phosphines and N-heterocyclic carbenes, metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) precursors and nanomaterials. Many products are also available on a bulk basis.

Rapid Customer Service

Inside Strem's Warehouse

Strem's large inventory of research chemicals allows most orders to be shipped the same day they are received. If same day shipment is not possible, expected shipping dates are provided and customers are kept informed of order status.

Technical service is provided with the same enthusiasm and speed to ensure that customers have the chemicals and information they need.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our site in Newburyport, Massachusetts was ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA (National Quality Assurance) for Quality Management System (QMS) standard. Our mission has always been to provide high quality specialty chemicals and outstanding customer service. This certification allows our customers to have even more confidence in our ability to meet the standards they have grown to expect from Strem products and services.

Download our ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

New Products and Proprietary Technologies

Strem has a history of collaborating with academic scientists which has led to the introduction of new products. Industrial partnerships have also led to the introduction of proprietary technologies and facilitated their commercialization. Suggestions for new products are gladly received.

Strem Chemicals Supports Innovation

We sponsor the American Chemical Society Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry and the Canadian Society for Chemistry Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry.

Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Program

We are a member of SOCMA (Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates) and we are committed to the ChemStewards® program. ChemStewards is an adaptable environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) program that promotes continuous performance improvement in batch chemical manufacturing. Strem has received Gold, Silver and Bronze Improvement Awards in 2011-2019, 2021, as well as an award for Educational Outreach sponsored by the Chemical Educational Foundation.

ChemStewards The Road To Continuous Sucess Why Join SOCMA: Membership Video

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